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For Release: September 13, 2016, 5pm ET

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AICR Launches Free 12-Week Online Program For Weight Loss, Better Health and Cancer Prevention

WASHINGTON, DC – Beginning September 19, in time to help Americans navigate the holiday season, the American Institute for Cancer Research is launching a refreshed and updated AICR’s New American Plate Challenge. 

The online 12-week weight-loss program turns AICR's research-based recommendations into simple, practical objectives engineered to lead to long-term behavior change. AICR’s New American Plate (NAP) Challenge is free and open to all. 

"With AICR's New American Plate Challenge, there's no counting calories or adding points," said AICR Head of Nutrition Programs Alice Bender, MS, RDN. "The NAP Challenge provides a clear visual model that's emphasizes the proportion of plant foods to animal foods on your plate. And it offers interactive tools and information to help individuals build more activity into every day. What's more, we know it works."

Additional Resources:

New American Plate Challenge

This year, an updated and mobile-friendly website offers a more lively and engaging experience, including shareable graphics, interactive quizzes and access to a private Facebook group.

A Simple Approach to Lose Weight, Live Healthier
Today, approximately two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. AICR's reports show that excess body fat is a cause of 11 cancers, including post-menopausal breast, colorectal and esophageal. Aside from not smoking, being a healthy weight is the single largest lifestyle factor that can lower cancer risk.

AICR's recommendations focus on being a healthy weight, being physically active and eating a plant-based diet. AICR’s 10 steps for cancer recommendations can also reduce the risk of other chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.
Thousands of Americans have taken the New American Plate Challenge to date, and report that it has helped them eat better, move more and live healthier.

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About AICR

Our Vision: We want to live in a world where no one develops a preventable cancer.

Our Mission: The American Institute for Cancer Research champions the latest and most authoritative scientific research from around the world on cancer prevention and survival through diet, weight and physical activity, so that we can help people make informed lifestyle choices to reduce their cancer risk.

We have contributed over $105 million for innovative research conducted at universities, hospitals and research centers across the country. Find evidence-based tools and information for lowering cancer risk, including AICR’s Recommendation for Cancer Prevention, at

Published on 09/13/2016

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