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AICR ScienceNow is a 4-page quarterly newsletter from AICR written for the general public, as well as health professionals. The articles take readers behind the scenes to better understand the latest findings and directions in diet and cancer research. You'll find out the details of AICR-funded studies, read interviews with prominent scientists, read reviews of relevant books and journals and learn to discern between nutrition myths and scientific facts.

ScienceNow Articles

ScienceNow: Hiding Vegetables May Up Intake, Cut Calories (with recipe)
Summer 2011

ScienceNow: Childhood Cancer Survivors: Healthy Living
Winter 2010

ScienceNow: Scientist in the Spotlight: Arup Bhattacharya, PhD
Fall 2009

ScienceNow: Alcohol-Cancer Link Gains Strength
Fall 2009

ScienceNow: Lymphedema and Survivors
Fall 2009

ScienceNow: Curcumin: Spicing Up Cancer Prevention
Fall 2009

ScienceNow: Survivors Health in Healthy Habits
Fall 2009

ScienceNow: AICR's 20th Annual Conference: Learn the Latest
Fall 2009

ScienceNow: AICR Guidelines into Practice
Fall 2009

ScienceNow: Diet + Genes May Prevent Liver Cancer
Fall 2009

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