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Cancer Research We Fund

AICR funds research that explores the effects of food, nutrition, physical activity and body weight on the development, treatment and survival of cancer.

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Research Grants

Read descriptions of the grants funded by AICR. Search by topic, keywords and year.


Our 2015 Grantees

Meet our 2015 grantees, who are investigating a range of topics in cancer prevention and survivorship.

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Our 2014 Grantees

How does folate, walnuts, or vitamin D affect your cancer risk? Can a ketogenic diet or a certain types of foods help survivors? AICR-supported scientists are working to answer these questions.

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Our 2013 Grantees

How does fish oil, walnuts, or a mother's diet affect cancer risk? This year's AICR grantees are working to find out.

Grant Program

AICR accepts research grant applications to study cancer prevention, treatment and survival.

AICR’s Research Institute at UNC

Learn more about our Institute for The Advanced Study of Diet, Nutrition and Cancer at the University of North Carolina  Chapel Hill. Meet the AICR Distuinguished Professor, and the Marilyn Gentry Research Fellows

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